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Find Shirley Temple Movies
Find Shirley Temple Movies
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Find Shirley Temple Movies
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Shirley Temple Movies: welcome to our store featuring all of Shirley Temple's movies in vhs and dvd format. Choose from a huge selection of shirley temple movies.

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Old Yeller (1957)
Old Yeller (1957)

There's nothing hip about this vintage Disney film that begins and ends with a corny song about the "best doggone dog in the West." But that's the beauty of Old Yeller, originally released in 1957. The simple, heart-warming story of a boy who bonds with a feisty stray dog in 1860s Texas is full of 1950s sensibilities: A Donna Reed-style perfect "Momma" (Dorothy McGuire) who knows best, a couple of brothers who quarrel in the best sitcom tradition, and a father (Fess Parker, in a small role) who goes off to provide for his family, leaving his older boy (Tommy Kirk) in charge   More ...


Optimism shines in this classic 1960 Disney film starring Hayley Mills. When the newly orphaned Pollyanna comes to live with her wealthy aunt in Harrington Town, life looks promising. Despite her aunt's insistence on propriety and modesty, Pollyanna's cheerful, optimistic ways spread throughout the town--converting even a cantankerous recluse and a whining hypochondriac. Only Aunt Polly has trouble welcoming her young niece into her heart. In a clash between the townspeople and Aunt Polly over local politics, it's Pollyanna's influence   More ...

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

Mickey Rooney stars as Andy Hardy, who is just back from the army. Its not long before hes caught up in the usual Hardy capers, in this second last film of the series. This movie is still entertaining and watchable by the entire family...  More ...

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